Why invest in ASHA Fund?

  • A unique proposition: Only fund with institutional focus on Affordable Housing for Low Income Groups
  • Diversification: Exposure to 15-20 projects across multiple geographies and multiple developers
  • Grow with India: Modi government’s recent initiative “Housing for All by 2022” is expected to provide push to Low Income Housing
  • Backed by strong research and investment expertise: Investment research and strategy is backed by extensive on-ground research, secondary research and expertise of the Group
  • Attractive returns: The fund targets 25% gross IRR returns. High returns are possible because of low land-to-sales value (target land-to-sales value below 25%)
  • Risk control: Risks have been eliminated, mitigated, or controlled by applying Arthveda’s unique framework. Arthveda’s on-ground presence, through its group companies, reduces the overall risk of investments in Low Income Housing.
    • High sales velocity, because of huge housing shortage, ensures fast exits
    • Focus on small scale, quick-turnaround Low Income Housing projects to further reduce the risk
  • Tax optimization: Investment instruments in the SPV have been chosen to lower taxes at the hands of the investors
  • High transparency: All fund accounting done externally by a third-party

Leverage capabilities of Group Companies to lower risk