ASHA Fund – Overview

ASHA Fund provides a unique opportunity of investing in the burgeoning Indian Real Estate. ASHA is Arthveda’s 3rd Real Estate Fund with a focus on Affordable Housing for Low Income Groups (LIG) in outskirts of Metros, Tier 1 / 2 / 3 cities. The fund replicates the proven investment strategy of Arthveda’s Middle Income Housing Fund, STAR Fund, to Low Income Housing (LIH) with much stringent investment norms.

Value Investing

ASHA follows the tenets of value investing to deliver superior risk adjusted returns. Investment destinations have been carefully screened based on a rigorous secondary research and interactions with industry participants. Investment parameters have been defined based a thorough on-ground research while incorporating Arthveda’s investment expertise in the Middle Income Housing Investments. All investments are subject to a very rigorous due-diligence process, which provides a 360-degree on all aspects of the target project.

ASHA is registered as AIF CAT – II Fund with SEBI. Please refer to PPM and risk factors mentioned there in for further details.